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Great accomplishments by a CHS faculty member

David Oringderff (a faculty member in the CHS Pastoral Counseling department) posted the following on the Sacred Well listserv. Sacred Well is an organization that serves military Pagans and their families, which David heads:

'Three years ago the Sacred Well Congregation was elected to the COMISS
Network (http://www.comissnetwork.org/html/comiss_network.html
<http://www.comissnetwork.org/html/comiss_network.html>) as a
Religious Endorsing Body for ministers in specialized settings. We
were the first, and so far the only, organization of a non-traditional
faith group elected to that body. Participating in the COMISS Network
has proven to be a very productive undertaking. We have established,
and continue to establish and strengthen, liaison, friendships and
allies in COMISS as we continue to make inroads into the dominant
culture for religious freedom, tolerance and education.

Our Director of Military Affairs, Rev Marci Drewry, and I have just
returned from the 2008 Annual Forum. This was a milestone event in
that on very short notice, we were asked to lead the Interfaith
Worship Service to open the Forum. We were able to put together an
ecumenical service with a distinctively Wiccan flavor. We invited the
Divine Presence with a candle in a glass chalice; the ritual included
a reading of Desiderata, reflections by Marci on Yuletide and its
meaning in our tradition, active meditation to music, a brief history
of the 50’s folk song by Sy Miller and Jill Jackson, “Let there be
Peace on Earth.” Then Marci led the assembly in the singing of the
song, and it was phenomenal. We closed with the standard “Love is the
Law and Love is the Bond, the Circle is open but unbroken…” The
service was very well received, and over the course of the weekend, we
heard numerous comments about how much it was enjoyed, and descriptive
adjectives of “beautiful,” “moving” and “powerful.” We also had the
opportunity to present and discuss some of our milestones this year
and participated in interest groups and subsequent discussions.'
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