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It's Official: Master's applications being accepted!

Hello, Friends;

As of July 31, 2009, Cherry Hill Seminary is proud to announce the opening of four master's degree programs.

Earlier this Spring we received our Religious Exemption from the State of South Carolina, allowing us to offer master's degrees in religious disciplines. As we continue to work toward voluntarily meeting the state's standards that are required of secular institutions, we are able NOW to welcome student applications.

Accreditation is still several years away, but, for most students, that's no reason to wait; most part-time students can expect to find our accreditation arriving before their graduation date.

Please visit our website at -- which has many new pages in the past two weeks -- for full details on our Master of Divinity degree, our Master of Pagan Pastoral Care and Counseling, Master of Pagan Ministry, and Master of Pagan Studies. Details may also be found on our website for our three certificate programs (which replace certificates offered under the old system.

Former students, recent students, and prospective students are all invited to visit early and often -- and then ask questions!

Love and light and lots of laughter to you all

--Maggie Beaumont

Dean of Students
Cherry Hill Seminary
Professional Education for Pagan Ministry
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