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Fall Registration Now Available

Does anyone know when the fall semester begins?
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From an e-mail response from Holli Emore, Executive Director, just this afternoon:

Summer Classes June 2 (through August 15)
Early Registration for Fall June 16 (through August 4)
Regular Registration for Fall August 5 (through August 26)
End Summer classes August 15
Grades due to CHS August 29
Spring Course information to CHS September 1
Fall Classes September 3 (through December 15)
End Fall classes December 15
Early Registration for Spring November 1
Regular Registration for Spring December 16

Grades due to CHS January 2
Course Information for Summer January 1
Spring Classes January 19
End Registration for Spring January 11
Early Registration for Summer March 14
Regular Registration for Summer April 18
End Spring Classes April 24
Grades due to CHS May 9
Summer Classes May 18 (through August 22)
Fall Course information to CHS May 1
Grades due to CHS September 5
Fall Classes September 8

Hoping this helps!

Love and light and lots of laughter
thanks for the reply!

Incidentally, I have a copy of the flyer with the fall courses on it; if anyone is interested, I can shoot them a copy...